Watersports holidays

Watersports are an exciting addition to any holiday and thanks to our holiday destinations, we’ve got pretty much everything covered…be it perusing the depths of the oceans or skimming across the waves!

Slip on a wet suit and fins for excellent diving opportunities in the Maldives, Caribbean and Cape Verde. These year round warm waters are home to a huge variety of fish and dive sites including rock pinnacles, caves, lagoons and wrecks. Colourful fish will greet you while you may also see turtles, stingrays, moray eels, lobster, tuna, nurse sharks, stone fish, parrot fish…and many more.

For sheer exhilaration, nothing beats being out on the water. Grab a board and enjoy surfing or windsurfing on uncrowded waves in Portugal, the Caribbean and Sri Lanka. Check out Ponta Preta in Cape Verde where you will find one of the best breaks in the world! Alternatively harness the power of wind and try your hand at kitesurfing.

In most of our destinations equipment is readily available for rental and lessons or guides on hand for all levels.

Be active…be captivated.

WindsurfingSwimming with turtles