Luxury beach holidays

When planning a relaxing dream holiday the chances are an exotic beach will be on the wish list of must-haves. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach while crystal clear waves lap the shore.

It’s no coincidence then that some of the best resorts and hotels for a luxury beach holiday have popped up at beachfront locations, and luckily for you we know about them!

Whether you like a quiet and deserted beach or to be surrounded by life, to dive deep into an undersea world or mix the beach with other activities, Captivating Travel offers a wide range of luxury beach holidays.

Stay in a luxury water villa with a glass bottom lounge and your own infinity pool or immerse yourself in the exotic, vibrant culture of Sri Lanka, The Teardrop of India. Our team of experts will help you choose the right beach in the right destination to best suit your holiday requirements.

Pack your flip flops…be captivated.

Destinations for great beach holidays are: Maldives, Sri Lanka, Caribbean, Portugal, Cape Verde.

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