Luxury Caribbean holidays

The Caribbean is made up of over 35 different  islands, with Captivating Travel featuring luxury Caribbean holidays at hotels on nine of the most popular. The region gives you a wide choice of destinations, all offering unique experiences mixed with a great climate and wonderful outdoors and beach settings.

An interesting history and influences from many colonies (English, French, Spanish, even Portugese and Dutch) mean there’s a vibrant mix of cultures to experience as well as simply relaxing in tropical island paradises.

The predominant tourist activities in the Caribbean tend to revolve around the typical ‘sea, sun, sand and surf’ type activities. The more active will love the excellent watersport opportunities, while if you venture inland off the beaches, you’ll experience more of the uniqueness that each individual  island has to offer. Experience the varying  history and culture of  each island and the warm welcome of the local people.

All of the islands in the Caribbean are in the tropical range which means the region has very warm and humid weather. The temperatures hardly change from month to month, although it is mildly cooler in the winter months.

Be captivated by the Caribbean…the variety, beauty and fun that the Caribbean has to offer are simply amazing and must be seen to be believed.

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