Tailor-made Cape Verde holidays

Basking in the warmth of the central Atlantic Ocean, half way between Portugal and Brazil and just 570 km off the coast of west Africa, you will discover the enchanting Cape Verde archipelago. Formed of ten beautiful islands, the area is home to spectacular beaches, rich and vibrant corals, breathtaking mountainous landscapes, outstanding watersport opportunities and exquisitely charming people.

Coupled with a year round perfect climate the Cape Verde islands are a truly tranquil hideaway. What’s more, they are only a short flight away with no jet lag and no need for vaccinations.

At Captivating Travel we focus on creating exceptionally high-level, tailor-made Cape Verde holidays. As one of the first companies to offer holidays to the Cape Verde Islands we think we’re perfectly placed to provide you with the very best on offer. We have a wide variety of accommodation in Cape Verde to choose from – everything from luxury hotels to self catering apartments. See examples of the accommodation on offer in Cape Verde using the buttons to the right. If what you’re after is not listed though please speak with the Captivating Travel team.

Our focus is on our two favourite Cape Verde Islands
– Sal and Boa Vista.

Sal Island

Measuring just 30 km long by 12 km wide, Sal Island captivates qualities of all continents into one tiny plot – African soul, Caribbean beaches, Australian sunshine, North American hospitality, European history, Asian vibrancy and the mystery of South America.

Sal is on the cusp of becoming a big-time international drawcard. Born of volcanic activity and boasting a delicious mixture of geographical and climatic perfection, the adrift Atlantic gem is already beginning to hum with an eclectic vibe in beachside towns like Santa Maria. Sure there are cocktails at sunset, dolphins and whales splashing in the warm waters nearby and menus that promise catch-fresh tuna, lobster and prawns… but there is so much more. This island’s true edge is found in its unmatched diversity.

Glistening blue seas wash on to incandescent silken sands that coil around miles of dazzling and divine coastline. Mooch south of the island to the beachy area of Santa Maria and immerse yourself in its vibrant mecca whilst exploring the islands hot spots by day and impressing at uninterrupted views and speechless sunsets by night. Experience excursions to the mirage at Terra Boa, the infamous salt lakes at Pedra de Lume and the imposing Monte Grande, which erupts magnificently up out of the desert floor.

Sapphire bays and steady winds make Sal the ideal destination for watersports and beach activities. Uncrowded surf provides a mecca for kite surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Days can be spent resting on sun-soaked beaches or enjoying spectacular snorkelling in shallow bays and scuba diving amid multifaceted corals.

Travel to Pedra de Lume on the north-east coast and luncheon on the lip of a volcanic rim or float in the ultra buoyant and soothing sodium lake. Explore the creaking rustic remnants of the island’s salt mines – used as recently as 1985, but with wooden equipment seemingly left intact for generations. Traverse the lunar plains further to the north and discover the mind-blowing mirage of Terra Boa or head to the western settlements of Palmeira and Murdeira. First settled by sailors, and visited by the likes of James Cook and William Bligh, Palmeira remains a hotbed of maritime activity for locals and a prime position to transfer your adventure onto a yacht. Murdeira meanwhile is much quieter, owing its renown to the massive mammals which visit its pristine wetlands.

Boa Vista

Blessed with 55 km of the world’s most idyllic beachfront, yet occupied by just one per cent of the Cape Verde population, Boa Vista is more than just a literal translation of the phrase ‘beautiful view’.

The easternmost outcrop of the archipelago, Boa Vista gazes to the African mainland, from where it receives the stunning Saharan breezes and sands which deliver such decadent mystique. Though famed for the blissful white grains of Santa Monica Beach, this enchanting island is not merely a haven for the sun-seeker. Explorers, nature lovers, historians and extreme sports enthusiasts will all take delight at the largely untouched wonder.

Once the docking station of the British anti-slavery flotilla, Boa Vista still retains cobbled streets and the stark ruins of pottery kilns, strewn amongst awe-inspiring dunes. A photographer’s delight, the coastline is not only marked by a dreamy convergence of sea foam and flaxen sand, but also by a peppering of bygone shipwrecks, including the famously grandiose Italian launch Cecilia. Home to one of the largest loggerhead turtle breeding grounds on the planet, mating humpback whales and a plethora of birdlife, Boa Vista is furthermore the birthplace of founding Cape Verde president Aristides Pereira and the ‘morna’ music style characteristic of the tiny populace.

Whether your idea of paradise is relaxing in raffia-roofed huts, taking in the vastly contrasting scenery or heading to the waves for a more active approach you will not leave disappointed. Daredevil windsurfers and kite surfers have been known to pilgrimage from across the world just to taste local conditions. Snorkelers and scuba divers eyes widen when they experience the wonder that is the submerged seascape mountain range to the south, while each December Boa Vista attracts gladiators of all nationalities for its notorious 60-hour, 150 km ultra marathon. By boat, Boa Vista is just three hours to the main tourist island of Sal, yet in comparison retains an undeveloped innocence.


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